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Hello there and welcome to my project overview page.

My name Regis and for over 32 years, I'm at the Direction Départementale du Bonheur de Régis15, for which we wish to collect the sum of one million Euros, to make a living model project, based on spirituality, psychology and personal development.

How it works?11

photo 1We want to start slowly with small rare but regular donations. This is not what interests us, but it will pay the hosting site.

If we can have a few thousand, will commit the first step: The surprise12. It's preparatory stage without real issue for the project, but essential to its continuity.

From 50.000, step 2 or Waiting. It is crucial since it is she who will determine the future of the project and allow the payment of the first funds for equipment purchases 14.

200.000 to 500.000, is step YOLO public launch of Le Bonheur de Régis and distribution of raw counterparts.

In addition to 500.000, of course we will launch the manufacturing launch of figurines Regis8, operations nationally and organization of large counterparties.

Why contribute?

photo 2And why not? Who has not dreamed of lounging away from the métro boulot dodo, enjoy fun, go around the world or live his passions13? This is exactly what offers Andygogol

Already in helping you appear in the Hall of Fame (or The Wall of Gods), more or less well rated, depending on your donation3. The most generous can also attach a message.

In addition, the amount invested is significant advantage, and the counterpart is equally: it goes from my account4 (really good) at an inclusive trip10 organized in Europe with Regis!

The word of the end

photo 3If you do not want to contribute to the project, you have still the possibility of supporting the idea of the concept, just a donation. € 1 sufficient: the coin at the bottom of the pocket, the money of the glove compartment or small coins lying around and never used ... If you do not do it for you, do it for love art, or this cute little kitten.

Talk to your friends and colleagues, or strangers, all the Direction Départementale du Bonheur de Régis is counting on your support.

A fantastic adventure starts with your donations!

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Hall of Fame



Cesar Christensen110 €

De Phil' en Aiguille - 13013101 €

Michel FERNANDEZ100 €


je veux la carte vip99.99 €

bra!n95 €

Arno FABRE90 €

PoliPanda80 €

Dieu70 €

MrCravate60 €

Pyjama Sympa60 €

NuK team59 €

God51 €

Myriam ESPOSITO50 €

Atm_8050 €

Melanie Bianco50 €

alex7845 €

Schtroumph Véto40 €

moulinext35 €

Regisisgod35 €

Jean-Baptiste F.31 €

La Team des Cassos (UrT)30 €

Je s*** pour30 €

Zoé Coiffure - St Etienne30 €

Jacques B.28 €

Chloé M.25.1 €

le bonheur de Francine25 €

Reste25 €

Cat is Devil...23 €

Clément22 €

Havinna21 €

Lorenzo CEBALLOS21 €

ac8820 €

Régis est un con20 €

tata suzanne20 €

Alex_150618 €

Adrien Angelini16 €

Damien L.15 €

Nicolas15 €

Hugo Loeb15 €

bernard.legrand15 €

Furet Teubé14 €

Salad de doigt13 €

Menthe Salée12.5 €

HACKED by Xzomor12 €

Régis Fan12 €

Le tueur de châtons11.5 €

ElCapo5916011 €

chatonpeteur11 €

iKan-Sly10.1 €

SuperConnard10.1 €

anouslesmillions.fr10 €

Cedric C.10 €

Jerome Kerviel10 €

HeadFull & Tocali10 €


Anthony Gregorczyk9.9 €

Clement_919 €

Daniel FANTINI9 €

P4Power8.5 €

DiD PliZ8 €

RudyGallo7 €

Schtroumph gastro7 €

voisin du dessous radin6 €

Massimiliano F.5.1 €

Tete de Phoque5 €

Garfield115 €

maman5 €

Edouard5 €

Laurent Lambert5 €

Farid_88925 €

Ritournelle5 €

Alexandre Gallo5 €

rassrahman5 €

Raie_ponce5 €

paul.rioux5 €

ironcrime5 €

Akifu4.5 €

dieudu384 €

Savannachish4 €

kraccoss3.5 €

AlexKill343 €

J-M Dub3 €

Dylan Belair3 €

kitty883 €

mangez moins gras2.75 €

Gaby2662.66 €

MehdiCament2.5 €

Gaetan2.2 €

NatMaths18052 €

Azblack_431502 €

Lionel Lombardi2 €

TweeXy2 €

bendercraft.net2 €

Stéphanie Bosch2 €

michmich782 €

Tanguy122 €

Amandine2 €

I <3 Regis2 €

hyponome2 €

Justine1.7 €

potance431501.65 €

Trollololololol1.6 €

Jeudi121.5 €

SebMat921.5 €

Mr Patate1.5 €

Emma A.1.4 €

nico1.35 €

Gufnaël1.2 €

npoucel1.2 €

Régis et toujour un con1.1 €

MrPignouf1 €

petite_lune1 €

Larsen471 €

Fizule1 €

MrFeed751 €

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JL831701 €

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CMB !1 €

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Régis1 € €

gargamel1 €

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Fist-heating1 €

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Corbusier1 €

Maëva1 €